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2019 Revolution Awards: Rolex Submariner Replica

Every year, we get something like closure by racking our brains over, what else, the Revolution Awards. To grease our ruminations, this year we have also created a few categories to be decided by the public. Join us as we unveil an Award Winner every day, counting down to the New Year.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica

Vacheron Constantin Traditionelle Twin Beat Perpetual Calendar

One pivotal question we ask ourselves when choosing the Revolutionary Watch of the Year is not only whether the nominated watch is an incredible feat of watchmaking. It also needs to represent Franck Muller Replica a real breakthrough in the world of horology. The Vacheron Constantin Traditionelle Twin Beat Perpetual Calendar ticked all the boxes.

The perpetual calendar is possibly one of the most useful complications in mechanical watchmaking, but it has one major flaw. If the watch stops, it is a nightmare to reset its many indications. Finding the perfect oscillator was a problem. A bigger, high-frequency oscillator can improve precision, Rolex Cellini Replica but results in a bulkier timepiece. On the other hand, having a lower-frequency balance compromises the performance of the timepiece.